The Glendora

Scuttled in the 1920’s this wreck has several access points allowing for divers to enter and swim through its entire length. She rests in 75ft of water.

The George T. Davy

A well intact steel freighter built in 1898, she sank in 100ft of water during the spring storm of 1945. The wreck sits on its starboard side and it is here where her lifeboat and crane have come to rest. Divers can enter the Davey’s cargo hold and explore within.

The Eureka

A beautiful schooner that dramatically sunk in a heavy 1883 november gail, the Eureka is one of the most intact sailing ship wrecks found anywhere in the world. She lies upright at 120ft and is strewn with features such as deadeyes, ships wheel, capstan, anchor and crows nest.